The process of becoming a foster or adoptive parent can feel overwhelming. It can even sometimes be difficult to find accurate information about what’s required and what to expect.

Don’t let misinformation stop you from taking the next step on the path to fostering or adopting a child.


Here are five myths about fostering or adopting in Arizona, followed by the truth.

Myth #1: You must own a house to foster or adopt

You must have stable housing to foster or adopt, which can include living in an apartment, renting a home, or owning a home. Home ownership is not a requirement to foster or adopt a child.

Your foster child may be able to share a room with another same sex child, and will definitely need a bed to call their own and some space to put their things.


Myth #2: You must be a foster parent before you adopt

You don’t need any prior foster experience to adopt a child in Arizona.

You do need to attend a required licensing course and meet other requirements to foster or adopt. Learn more about these requirements. 


Myth #3: You must be married to adopt or foster a child

Anyone who is willing and able to adopt or foster a child can, assuming they meet all licensing requirements. Single people can foster or adopt, and there is no requirement to have a parent at home during the day to foster or adopt.


Myth #4: Adopting a child is expensive

While a majority of Arizona’s adoption agencies charge an $800 certification fee, it will be reimbursed to an adoptive parent when a foster child is placed into their home for the purpose of adoption (1).

The state of Arizona provides financial support for foster parents. Learn more about financial support.


Myth #5: International adoption is better

There are many children of all ages in need in our own communities. Domestic adoption is often a better choice for two reasons: time and money. While adopting a child in Arizona is ultimately free, international adoption providers charged up to $65,000 in adoption fees in 2010 (2).

Waiting times can also be very long. In international adoptions, it can take up to two years to adopt a child (3). With over 19,000 children in state care now, you can open your home to a child in need of a home more quickly.


Ready to foster or adopt? Contact an agency and get started today. 


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