If you’ve made the decision to foster or adopt, finding the right agency is essential. There are a variety of agencies who are able to work with you to meet licensing requirements to foster or adopt a child. Who you decide to work with depends on your needs.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you decide which agency is the best fit for you and your family.

Do you want to foster or adopt a child?

Not every agency offers the same services. Whether you’ve decided to adopt or foster a child will determine which agencies are able to provide the services you’re looking for. If you haven’t decided, some agencies offer both services and can discuss the options with you.

Are you searching for specialty programs?

Many adoption and foster agencies offer specialty programs for families looking to provide a supportive home for children. They range from programs for children with significant medical needs (Medically Complex), to foster care programs for kids with significant developmental disabilities (Child Developmental Home) or behavioral health needs (Therapeutic/HCTC). Each agency will be able to provide you with details on program requirements.

Would you like faith-based services?

A number of agencies are sponsored by religious denominations. If you would like your experience to be faith-based, there are agencies connected with a variety of religious faiths operating in Arizona.

Discover the right agency for you.

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