Not ready to foster or adopt? That’s ok! There’s a lot you can do to help children in need of safe homes in Arizona.



There are many ways to directly support children in foster care as a volunteer. Volunteers are needed to serve once a month on the Foster Care Review Board. These volunteers review families’ cases and make recommendations to the court to promote stability and permanency for children in foster care.

You can become a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and work one-on-one with a child or youth to help advocate for their needs with the Department of Child Safety and the courts. A CASA commits to about 10 hours a month and remains involved until the child’s case is closed.

It’s also important to vote for individuals who support programs that help Arizona children succeed including education funding, healthcare services, and parenting support programs.

You also advocate for Arizona’s children by sharing information about our foster care crisis and the many agencies who are trying to improve the lives of children across our state.



Giving to a nonprofit organization that provides services for children experiencing trauma and/or who need a safe place to live is an excellent way to better the lives of Arizona’s most vulnerable children.

Arizona Helping Hands provides beds, clothing, birthday and holiday gifts, and more to foster families or unlicensed kinship families to help meet the needs of the children. They are a qualifying organization for the Arizona State Foster Care Tax Credit.

Arizona Friends of Foster Children promotes the self-esteem and enriches the lives of Arizona’s children in foster care by funding social, athletic and educational activities and items that provide them with quality experiences while they live through very difficult circumstances. They are a qualifying organization for the Arizona State Foster Care Tax Credit.

Helen’s Hope Chest fulfills the dreams of thousands of foster children from throughout the East Valley and beyond by providing them with quality clothing, school supplies, books, gift cards, toys, games and more at no cost to their foster parents.

Jose’s Closet exists to store children’s clothes and equipment that are donated by various sources. Jose’s Closet is a cooperative organization that is run by a foster families to help other foster families. Any paid member must be willing to donate time.

Learn about our partner agencies.


Attend an Event

The AZ KIDS Consortium is hosting its 1st Annual Healing Trauma Together conference on June 22, 2017. The conference is geared towards professionals in the child welfare, legal, behavioral health, medical, and educational systems that care for, work with, or treat our vulnerable children and families. Click for more details!

Many of our partner agencies hold regular events to raise money to fund the services they provide. See their websites for more information.

Click here to see a list of partner agencies.


Give to a Supply Drive

Many of our partner agencies also hold supply drives to provide for the needs of children and families in crisis. Supply drive needs typically include diapers, clothes, toiletries, toys, and others supplies needed for the care of children of all ages. See partner agency websites for more information.

Foster or Adopt

Foster or Adopt

Welcoming a child or children into your home who have nowhere else to live is life changing.

If you’re ready to get started, contact KIDS Consortium today.