Thousands of Arizona Kids Need Safe Homes

There are approximately 15,000 children in our state who are in need of safe and loving temporary and permanent homes. Deep cuts to state budgets for child abuse prevention and other support services has left many families in crisis, and cases of abuse and neglect have increased dramatically.


Our state’s foster care system is overburdened and the Department of Child Safety (DCS) is understaffed. This leaves many children in need of immediate shelter.

The lack of foster homes means that children are placed in group homes or shelters. Sometimes they end up sleeping in DCS offices.


The vast majority of these children – about 80% – are in the child welfare system due to parental abuse and neglect.

There are children of every age in need of homes, from infants to teenagers. If you are considering foster care or adoption, the team at your agency of choice will help you find the right fit for your family.

Children Waiting for Homes Need You

Becoming a foster or adoptive parent is a process that takes time and commitment, but there’s no greater gift than opening your home to a child or children in need.


The State of Arizona, as well as the many agencies that are members of the KIDS Consortium, provide a number of supports for families that foster or adopt. These include:

  • Training on topics related to caring for children who have experienced abuse and neglect
  • State-provided financial support to help cover the expenses related to caring for a child in foster care
  • State-provided medical and dental coverage for children in foster care
  • Child care assistance for working foster parents
  • Liability insurance

Three Things You Can Do To Help

Open your home to children in need
Speak up for voiceless children
Give to a child welfare nonprofit